Essential Information on eTA Canada

What is eTa Canada?

A travel verification system that is web-based has been implemented by Canada for the visa-exempt foreigners and this referred to as eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). This implementation of the program is amongst the many initiatives undertaken by the Canadian government a part of their joint agreement with the US for safeguarding their borders in a better way. The eTA confirms the ability of an individual to travel to Canada sans any visa and yet doesn’t guarantee admission to the country. Only the Canadian border authorities will be able to determine the admissibility of the tourists entering Canada by crossing the border.

Who requires an eTA?

Only tourists from nations that don’t need a visa for paying a visit to Canada are needed to obtain an eTA Canada and that too if they are traveling to the country by air. In case you happen to be from any visa-exempt nation visiting the country by land, there is no need to have an eTA.

eTA Canada
eTA Canada

How to get an eTA?

An approved eTA will be needed before the departure of any traveler to Canada. All the visitors who are eligible for eTA will need an approved eTA irrespective of age. The whole eTA application procedure will be performed online including steps like payment processing, application submission, as well as the issue of the eTA. Tourists will require supplying their passport, travel as well as personal information like the name address, birthdate, and employing details on the application form. It will take only several minutes for the approved application to be generated and it will be linked to the passport of the eTA holder.

eTA Canada
eTA Canada

What is the validity of the eTA?

There is no need to apply for an eTA every time you travel to Canada, once approved, the eTA will be valid for a period of 5 years or until the expiry of your passport, whichever arrives sooner. It will be possible to come to Canada as many times as you like so long as the eTA is valid.

How long can you stay in Canada?

In most cases, the visitors will be permitted to stay in Canada for a period of up to 6 months. Nevertheless, the border services authorities will be authorizing the amount of time that you can stay in Canada.

What is the entry type?

The entry type happens to multiple in nature.

When you have to apply for it?

The appropriate time to apply for any Canadian eTA will be several weeks before coming to the country. However, it will be best to permit a couple of months such that you can have enough time to update your application and also handle any problem that can arise while procuring documents or a fresh passport.

Do you have to print it?

No, there is no need to print the eTA that has been approved.

What is the passport validity?

The passport has to be valid while you are staying in Canada.

Can you arrange your visa on arrival?

No, it is not possible to arrange the visa on arrival to Canada.

Is overstay possible in Canada?

You will not be seeing any immediate effects in case you haven’t overstay eTA. You will not the permitted to stay in the country and your eTA is going to be canceled. Nevertheless, it will be possible for you to apply for an extension of the eTA visit while you happen to be in this country.

What is its cost?

The cost happens to be 49 EUR.

eTA Canada
eTA Canada

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